Green Tribology

Green Tribology

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Tribology is the study of friction, wear and lubrication. Recently, the concept of a€œgreen tribologya€ as a€œthe science and technology of the tribological aspects of ecological balance and of environmental and biological impactsa€ was introduced. The field of green tribology includes tribological technology that mimics living nature (biomimetic surfaces) and thus is expected to be environmentally friendly, the control of friction and wear that is of importance for energy conservation and conversion, environmental aspects of lubrication and surface modification techniques, and tribological aspects of green applications such as wind-power turbines or solar panels. This book is the first comprehensive volume on green tribology. The chapters are prepared by leading experts in their fields and cover such topics as biomimetics, environmentally friendly lubrication, tribology of wind turbines and renewable sources of energy, and ecological impact of new technologies of surface treatment.... from the first cast iron steam engine to the latest carbon fiber structure in super cars like the Ferrari 360, Chevy Camero SSX, Audi R8 GT to mention a few. ... The design of the brakes affects heat flow, reliability, noise characteristics, and ease of maintenance. ... matrix, fillers make up the volume of the brake materials while keeping the costs down, and friction modifiers stabilize the coefficient of friction.

Title:Green Tribology
Author:Michael Nosonovsky, Bharat Bhushan
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-01-15


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