Greening the psychological pollution of human

Greening the psychological pollution of human

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COVER IV The novelties, scientifically substantiated as theses and points of view: a law a€“ a€œThe Law of nature and of mankindq, which directs the people's way of being and which represents qthe source and engineq which gives the world a shape and content in time and space; an invention a€“ a€œThe live protection shielda€, which ensures the dialectics of work of organization and management at the level of state administration, directly proportional with the dialectics of the mana€™s intellectual force, which partly and all together become the base of initiation, organization and leadership of a peaceful revolutionary world process, benefic for each social class, for each small or big national state, rich or poor, regardless of the social-economical organization that it has, the humanity being able to be placed from the qorbit of social injusticesa€ to the a€œorbit of social justicesa€, the life and activity of the human species entering into normality and in consensus with the laws of nature. (The Cover remains the same for each of the three materials: The Super synthesis, the Synthesis, and the book The Key to the Normalization of the Life and Activity of Human Species in Consensus with the Laws of Nature.)... power from 2000-2004 period, during which political leaders have used the electoral slogan: a€œclose to the people and ... in the dualism of good and evil, existing in each of the central nervous system of the living cell a€œof society human- man.

Title:Greening the psychological pollution of human
Author:Dr. Valer Gabrian and Dr. Cornel Florea-Gabrian
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2011-09-27


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