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Two Iranian agents hand over one million dollars to a Russian engineer for a thumbdrive. The drive contains a deadly computer virus that could shut down all electrical power in the United States at a keystroke. In rural North Dakota, a lineman is electrocuted, and the local cop sent to investigate is shot to death. As rolling electrical blackouts begin to shut down major US cities, the war for energy domination begins. Two nations are behind this deadly attack: Venezuela and Iran, intent on destroying the present world order and bringing an arrogant America to its knees. Their agent of terror is Yuri Makarov, a former Spetsnaz officer, the best of the best among the shadow world of killers for hire. When governments are powerless to stop such a man from sending the United States back to the horse-and-buggy era, North Dakota county sheriff Nate Osborne and brash journalist Ashley Borden once again step into the breach. Gridlock is a harrowing near-future thriller from New York Times bestselling duo Senator Byron Dorgan and David Hagberg.THE REPAIR WORK on the insulator went much faster than Bartlett figured it would; sometimes jobs went like that, but not ... Hea#39;d never forgotten it, nor had his wife, who admitted that she sometimes listened to Travisa#39;s music on their Bose CDanbsp;...

Author:Byron L. Dorgan, David Hagberg
Publisher:Macmillan - 2013-07-09


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