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Fred Gann, founder of four alternative education programs, believes that all true alternative education programs exist for one fundamental purpose: to make a positive difference in a studenta€™s life. In Groundwork, Gann delivers a roadmap to re-engage disenfranchised students through an effective alternative education program. This step-by-step guide demystifies the principles of alternative education and outlines how to create a program in which each student assumes personal responsibility for his or her learning and experiences a framework for developing success. With personal examples and anecdotes, Gann provides a clear, accessible plan for the implementation of alternative programs in support of a districta€™s traditional school setting. Groundwork examines the following: a€c The four questions that must be asked when founding a new program a€c The components of a true alternative educational program a€c Five techniques for implementation a€c Positive-based disciplinary practices a€c Program longevity and the art of survival In Groundwork, Gann presents a blunt and uncompromising demand for educators to invest in kids and calls for public education to provide programs which reconnect at-risk youth with their educational Such votes of confidence pave the way for future students to find jobs as well as lessen the impact of negative ... Opportunities for students to engage in Community Service Projects were provided through the Service to School/ Service to Community programs. ... Off site placements were restricted to seniors with their own transportation, a valid drivera#39;s license, proof of insurance, and their parenta#39;s written permission. ... A letter from my office would be sent to 39 Groundwork.

Author:F.M. Gann
Publisher:iUniverse - 2011-03-24


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