Growing Pains

Growing Pains

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As a result of reading this book, the reader will have: A a€œroad mapa€ of the seven key stages of growth and the challenges that are to be expected at each stage as well as how to determine when a company is at a particular stage. An explanation of the concept of a€œgrowing painsa€ and why they are an important indicator of organizational health, and an indicator of risk of organizational distress and/or potential failure. A tool (survey) to measure and understand the severity of their organizationa€™s growing pains. This includes: An opportunity to complete the Growing Pains survey a€“ on line as a a€œfreemiuma€ from our partner Groundswell Equity Partners a€“ together with a a€œreporta€ the identifies their issues Data on Growing Pains scores in organizations at different stages of growth and in different industries. A chart of percentile scores showing five levels of a€œdegree of riska€ of growing pains, which are a€œcolor codeda€ from a€œgreena€ (a€œno problemsa€) to a€œpurplea€ (a€œhigh risk of failurea€). A new toolto measure the degree of a€œorganizational developmenta€ of a company, which classifies companies according to their overall strength in terms of the Pyramid of OD A new set of data interpreting degree of a€œorganizational developmenta€ of a company, which classifies a company according to its overall strength in terms of the Pyramid of Organizational Development and a related set of comparative data and percentile scores. A set of organizational development tools that leadership can deploy Advice for the CEO on the transitions he or she must make as part of this process. Case studies and examples of successful and unsuccessful organizations and the insights and lessons to be learned from each.For example, one key result area may be customer service. This does not necessarily mean that the organization must have a customer service unit; however, the organization must in some way have an individual or group of people who areanbsp;...

Title:Growing Pains
Author:Eric G. Flamholtz, Yvonne Randle
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2015-11-23


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