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Guardian Angel the Book is like an Odyssey; a journey that questions and challenges the ethos of man through the ages; especially in East Africa, irrespective of time, site or circumstance. The author has consistently refused to veer from this contention; however unpalatable some of the home-truths that surfaces along the way; for this is not a fictional novel, but the living experiences of a suffering people through time. Many of the characters he faced in his battle for survival, were men that had no good reason to stray from the honourable path to Independence, and the true freedoms of their people. The Manifestos were believable and opportunities to implement them in their entirety were not denied them. They even enjoyed hero status as they were the first; they were the undisputed bearers of the flags of freedom. But sadly, they and they alone must chose to betray this goodwill; they and they alone must have succumbed to the ills of power. Guardian Angel - The Book, so aptly lays bare their hypocrisy and betrayal, while confirming the bounteous beauty of life... a poor, underfunded private schoola€ or that the school a€œemphasised manual work as a path to individual bettermenta€, for a ... philosophy was something to admire and applaud, but whose principles of elitism were they to aspire to inculcate?

Publisher:Author House - 2012-10-19


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