Guide to Muscular Healing

Guide to Muscular Healing

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This guide is designed to assist you in your muscular healing process. Each of us has our own past injuries that have shaped us. I wanted to write this in a way that it could help someone with long-term pain as well as someone who feels that they need to know what to look for and practice prevention and maintenance. Obviously, everyone feels changes as they age, and this guide can aid you to aging gracefully. I also mentioned the medical profession because getting help is always best. But I found that doctors really don't want to deal with these issues and just advise rest and pain medication. There were times where I felt the medical people treated you as if you were making it all up or it was just in your head. As if they didn't want to believe that someone could have chronic pain that was really just that chronic pain. My personal struggles with my long-term pain are touched on in this guide as an example. And it has been my determination to heal that brings awareness to certain factors that can help anyone at any stage in their healing. My sincere hope is that the people who read this can heal as well. Be determined and be in charge.I later had a car accident at the age of 33, where a guy had a seizer and partially hit the car in front of me and then proceeded ... Tennis was a great transition as it allowed me to be extremely physical while still having to use my brain, only foranbsp;...

Title:Guide to Muscular Healing
Author:Theresa L. Brumfield
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2010-06-25


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