Guitar Tone:

Guitar Tone:

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qGreat toneq is a combination of many things--electronic, acoustic, musical, physical, emotional, and cerebral. Each player assembles and manipulates those components into a special blend, creating his own unique sonic stew. So how do we get great tone? THow many times during a loud gig have you reached back to turn the treble on your amp higher? ... and opponents Ofvolume excursions may write them off as simplyjustifications for playing loud, but therea#39;s no denying, for most ... One last bit of preaching: Invest in good hearing protection and use it anytime the volume gets louda€”and not just when youa#39;re playing. ... Most people also dona#39;t realize just how loud the earbuds on their MP3 players are crankinga€”it doesna#39;t take long to blowanbsp;...

Title:Guitar Tone:
Author:Mitch Gallagher
Publisher:Cengage Learning - 2014-05-14


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