Gun Games

Gun Games

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The Hesse suicide strikes a troubling chord in the household of Decker and his wife, Rina Lazarus, now that they've taken in Gabe Whitmana€”the gifted and brilliant fifteen-year-old son of a killera€”whose own unexplained comings and goings only remind Decker that he knows almost nothing about the secretive boy living under his roof. But it's a second teen suicidea€”a young girl who attended the same exclusive prep school as Gregory Hessea€”that points Decker and his detectives down a dark alley of twisted allegiances and unholy alliances . . . and toward a cold-blooded group of high schoolers with a shocking predilection for guns and violence.a€œThe files say it was a Ruger LCP .380.a€ a€œA mouse gun, a€ Decker said. a€œMouse gun , ladiesa#39; guna€”whatever it was, it did the trick. Oliver told me it was an oldermodel Ruger.a€ a€œHow old?a€ a€œI dona#39;t think he said. Hea#39;s pulling it out of the evidenceanbsp;...

Title:Gun Games
Author:Faye Kellerman
Publisher:Harper Collins - 2012-01-03


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