Gurus of Chaos

Gurus of Chaos

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What does it take to be a stock market guru? What are the traits needed to be a successful investor? Can one master the stock market or is it a gift one is born with? How does one build a portfolio and protect it? Learn from the masters. The Indian stock market is many things to many people. Some are drawn to its thrill and promise but, more often than not, they fail to recognize the risk that accompanies the reward of a great ride. For many, the market and its workings defy logic and mastery. However, within the universe of market watchers in India, there is a small group that has managed to build a fine set of navigation tools and develop a unique perspective and approach towards the market. They have created and institutionalized investment strategies based on their experiences and philosophies. Saurabh Mukherjea delves into the minds of seven such individuals asking them to elaborate on the tools they use and how these work. He traces their journey from being novices to successful long-term investors. Using their insights and his own experience of working in the market for nearly a decade, Mukherjea provides an essential and indispensable framework for operating in the Indian stock market. The interviews with prominent fund managers in the book are: Am Sanjoy Bhattacharya Am Alroy Lobo Am Akash Prakash Am Sankaran Naren Am Sashi Reddy Am BN Manjunath Am One who prefers to remain anonymousThat in turn creates opportunities for investors who are willing to conduct extensive fundamental analysis. Thirdly, whilst I would ... For example, a#39;value investinga#39; led us to Infosys in the early 1990s when I was at Morgan Stanley. We bought itanbsp;...

Title:Gurus of Chaos
Author:Saurabh Mukherjea
Publisher:Bloomsbury Publishing - 2015-03-30


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