Gypsy Princess

Gypsy Princess

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A true blooded Gypsy, Violet Cannon grew up the Romany way. Life was tough at times, living in a cramped one-roomed trailer, but, unbound by strict routines, Violet spent her days learning to keep home, playing and roaming the fields with a sense of freedom long lost to the rest of modern society. Immersed in the Gypsy way of life, her childhood set her apart from other children. Bullied by classmates, and segregated from 'gorgia' kids (all non-Gypsies), Violet eventually left school at the age of nine to live a life of travel, play and learning under generations-old Gypsy rules on the fringes of society. With traditional values at the heart of her childhood, the pressure of conforming and marrying young was intense. Violet was duty-bound to find a husband, but would her marriage lead to the 'happy ever after' she grew up believing in as a Gypsy girl? Gypsy Princess is a searingly honest account of what life is really like for travelling communities, for girls in particular, and captures a way of life that is slowly fading away.There was a mirrored cupboard and a wardrobe with a fulllength mirror, as well as a fireplace with an open fire. Across every available surface there were more mirrors and glass, all sparkling from Mama#39;s elbow grease. I have no idea how she anbsp;...

Title:Gypsy Princess
Author:Violet Cannon
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2011-09-01


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