Halfkinds Volume 1: Contact

Halfkinds Volume 1: Contact

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In the twenty fourth century, a scientific experiment gave a few species the gift of intelligence, and after much struggle, they've carved out a place in society. By the thirtieth century, humans find themselves co-existing, negotiating, and residing on Earth with these animals as equals. Maya Lawton is a lonely prostitute living in this world. She gives birth to the first halfkinds, creatures who are half animal-kind, and half mankind. Since interspecies breeding is illegal, she is forced into seclusion and raises them alone. Then one day, without warning, she dies, and her death leads to their discovery. Abandoned and lost, this family of halfkinds plan to escape to a terraformed moon. But the law is after them. The order is to kill, sent by the highest authority, the United Species Alliance. What separates the Halfkinds series from the rest isn't only its unique premise, but also its structure. Chapters shift between the first person POV's of key characters and are presented in a non-linear fashion in order to create a mounting suspense that will keep the reader riveted until the end. Various plot twists occur within the story, and the different character viewpoints help alter the tone as you go along to give an unbiased presentation of their motives and actions. The setting allows a diverse cast of characters, some human, many not, to send a message that intelligence is a power that we take for granted, and when given to other species, the world becomes a dangerous place. The Halfkinds Series Halfkinds Volume 1: Contact (Available Now) Halfkinds Volume 2: Horus (Available Now) Halfkinds Volume 3: Alphas (Available Now) Halfkinds Volume 4: North - Coming APRIL 2014 Didn't read the previous volumes or just need to get some info? For summaries, character descriptions, and other fun facts about The Halfkind Series check out: halfkinds.wikia.comBehind it lies the main console that will allow me to disable the security system. According to the specs ... These ones have a manual override, which is configured by remapping certain wires on the circuit board. The newer models, whichanbsp;...

Title:Halfkinds Volume 1: Contact
Author:Andrew Vu
Publisher:Recoil Books - 2012-11-01


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