Halting the Hacker

Halting the Hacker

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Get into the hacker's mindand outsmart him! Fully updated for the latest threats, tools, and countermeasures Systematically covers proactive, reactive, and preemptive security measures Detailed, step-by-step techniques for protecting HP-UX, Linux, and UNIX systems qTakes on even more meaning now than the original edition!q Denny Georg, CTO, Information Technology, Hewlett-Packard Secure your systems against today's attacksand tomorrow's. qHalting the Hacker: A Practical Guide to Computer Security, Second Editionq combines unique insight into the mind of the hacker with practical, step-by-step countermeasures for protecting any HP-UX, Linux, or UNIX system. Top Hewlett-Packard security architect Donald L. Pipkin has updated this global bestseller for today's most critical threats, tools, and responses. Pipkin organizes this book around the processes hackers use to gain access, privileges, and controlshowing you exactly how they work and the best ways to respond. Best of all, Pipkin doesn't just tell you what to do, but why. Using dozens of new examples, he gives you the skills and mindset to protect yourself against any current exploitand attacks that haven't even been imagined yet. How hackers select targets, identify systems, gather information, gain access, acquire privileges, and avoid detection How multiple subsystems can be used in harmony to attack your computers and networks Specific steps you can take immediately to improve the security of any HP-UX, Linux, or UNIX system How to build a secure UNIX system from scratchwith specifics for HP-UX and Red Hat Linux Systematic proactive, reactive, and preemptive security measures Security testing, ongoing monitoring, incident response, and recoveryin depth Legal recourse: What laws are being broken, what you need to prosecute, and how to overcome the obstacles to successful prosecution About the CD-ROM The accompanying CD-ROM contains an extensive library of HP-UX and Linux software tools for detecting and eliminating security problems and a comprehensive information archive on security-related topics. q171 Use the following syntax to replace all existing ACLs on a file with a new set of ACLs: chacl -r aquot;(% .users, r-x) aquot; myfile It is also possible to copy ACLs ... Mandatory access controls cannot be changed by the users; the system enforces MAC consistently. ... Read-only File Systems Making an entire file system read- only can.

Title:Halting the Hacker
Author:Donald L. Pipkin
Publisher:Prentice Hall Professional - 2003


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