Handbook of Risk and Crisis Communication

Handbook of Risk and Crisis Communication

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The Handbook of Risk and Crisis Communication explores the scope and purpose of risk, and its counterpart, crisis, to facilitate the understanding of these issues from conceptual and strategic perspectives. Recognizing that risk is a central feature of our daily lives, found in relationships, organizations, governments, the environment, and a wide variety of interactions, contributors to this volume explore such questions as: qWhat is likely to happen, to whom, and with what consequences?q; qTo what extent can science and vigilance prevent or mitigate negative outcomes?q; and qWhat obligation do some segments of local, national, and global populations have to help other segments manage risks?q, shedding light on the issues in the quest for definitive answers. The Handbook offers a broad approach to the study of risk and crisis as joint concerns. Chapters explore the reach of crisis and risk communication, define and examine key constructs, and parse the contexts of these vital areas. As a whole, the volume presents a comprehensive array of studies that highlight the standard principles and theories on both topics, serving as the largest effort to date focused on engaging risk communication discussions in a comprehensive manner. With perspectives from psychology, sociology, anthropology, political science, economics, and communication, the Handbook of Risk and Crisis Communication enlarges the approach to defining and recognizing risk and how should it best be managed. It provides vital insights for all disciplines studying risk, including communication, public relations, business, and psychology, and will be required reading for scholars and researchers investigating risk and crisis in various contexts.... alleged to explode on Ford Explorers. Both companies frequently offered compensation to the victims ... across a range of casesa€ (p. 193). At root, Rowland and Jerome (2004) argue that scholars must Denial, Differentiation, and Apology 549.

Title:Handbook of Risk and Crisis Communication
Author:Robert L. Heath, H. Dan O'Hair
Publisher:Routledge - 2010-09-28


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