Handbook of Stress in the Occupations

Handbook of Stress in the Occupations

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The Handbook of Stress in the Occupations sets a new agenda for stress research and gives fresh impetus to scholars who wish to focus on issues and problems associated with specific jobs, some of which have received little attention in the past. Written by researchers who are true experts in the field of each occupation, this comprehensive Handbook reviews stress in a wide range of jobs including transport, education, farming, fishing, oil rig drilling, finance, law enforcement, fire fighting, entrepreneurship, music, social services, prisons, sport, and health including surgery, internship, dentistry, nursing, paramedics, psychiatry and social work. Several occupations such as oil rig drilling are reviewed; these jobs have always been stressful but have received little attention by researchers, and only now receive more focus due to the Bay of Mexico accident. Other occupations demand more of our attention because there have been substantial technological changes in particular jobs, such as in dentistry, nursing, and surgery. This lucid and insightful compendium will be a source of inspiration for those in the helping professions and all those individuals working in the industries described in the book. More specifically, the Handbook will strongly appeal to human resource specialists, psychologists, occupational health and safety professionals, managers, nurses and therapists. Written in highly accessible language, it will also provide rich reading to lay audiences including job incumbents themselves, as well as specialists in industry and academia. Academics and postgraduate students of business, management, and psychology will find plenty of detailed information regarding stress associated with occupations.However, the work is well paid, with starting salaries on par with middle management onshore. ... maintenance workers, medics, welders, crane operators, drillers, electricians, subsea engineers, mechanics, to supervisors and managers.

Title:Handbook of Stress in the Occupations
Author:Janice Langan-Fox, Cary L. Cooper
Publisher:Edward Elgar Publishing - 2011-01-01


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