Handbook of Task Analysis Procedures

Handbook of Task Analysis Procedures

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Task Analysis is not only the most important component of Instructional Design but also the most often misconstrued and poorly executed. Starting with this premise these authors have developed a complete reference and instructional text on Task Analysis. The qHandbook of Task Analysis Proceduresq fulfills three distinct purposes. As an overview of the field it presents a comprehensive collection of functions, techniques and tools that can be used in a variety of settings. Thirty-five different procedures are cataloged and described in individual chapters. Providing flowcharts and examples, it is organized to instruct the reader on how to perform these techniques. Finally all chapters have been consistently structed making it an ideal reference book. qHandbook of Task Analysis Proceduresq is designed to help the reader select a specific task analysis technique for a particular situation. Having done this, the reader can then refer to the appropriate chapter for his chosen technique. This chapter provides a statement of purpose, an overview, and applications. It then presents a step by step description of how to use the procedure. The chapter concludes with examples, an evaluation, and a complete set of references. Designed to be used in education and by trainers in the business sector, this volume is a unique reference book. Part I provides an overview of Task Analysis and describes the variables that affect how task analysis is performed. A decision table and discussion help the reader select specific techniques. The techniques are grouped in Part II, III, and IV according to their functional similarity--learning analysis, job analysis, content analysis. Part V describes information gathering tools. This Handbook is essential for the reader who believes that competent task analysis is a vital part of instructional design.Tuning up an engine would be divided into removing and replacing spark plugs, setting the ignition timing, adjusting the engine idle, and so on. Then, continuing, each task in the inventory would be described in more detail. Changing theanbsp;...

Title:Handbook of Task Analysis Procedures
Author:David H. Jonassen, Wallace H. Hannum, Martin Tessmer
Publisher:Praeger Publishers - 1989-01-01


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