Happier Meals

Happier Meals

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This book documents the harmful effects of factory farming in both industrialized and developing countries and explains the range of problems it can cause. From transmission of disease and loss of livestock diversity to hazardous and unsanitary processing methods, it shows clearly why factory farming is an unsafe, inhumane, and ecologically disruptive form of meat production. Also shows how the individual can make a difference by supporting local, organic, or pasture-raised animal products.Mack O. North, Commercial Chicken Production Manual, 3rd ed. (West- port, CT: AVI Publishing Company, Inc., undated), p. 3. 35. Sidebar1 based on the following sources:Ian Duncan, a€œWelfare Problems of Poultry, a€ in G.J. Benson and B.E.anbsp;...

Title:Happier Meals
Author:Danielle Nierenberg, Lisa Mastny
Publisher:Worldwatch Institute - 2005


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