Happy Money

Happy Money

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After a fairly low threshold, income and material wealth have no measurable effect on happiness. But how we spend our money does. In this groundbreaking book, Dr Elizabeth Dunn and Dr Michael Norton explain the secret to a€œhappiness-efficienta€ spending. Using their own cutting-edge research, they reveal: a€c Why ita€™s better to buy concert tickets instead of a new iPhone a€c Adverts actually make television more enjoyable a€c Why you should book your next holiday many months in advance a€c How a€œtime affluencea€ is more important than a fat pay cheque a€c Why charitable giving is the best investment you can make A rare combination of informed science writing, wit, and practical pointers for a flourishing life, Happy Money will help you to be more fulfilled for less.bespectacled white men sat in a corner booth of a diner in Carter Lake, Iowa. Bill Gates and Warren Buffetta€”two of the richest people in the worlda€”had an idea. They would ask ... Andyet, if human happiness is even half as complicated asthestockmarket, there is little reason to assume that intuition provides a sufficientguide.

Title:Happy Money
Author:Elizabeth Dunn, Michael Norton
Publisher:Oneworld Publications - 2013-01-06


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