Harnessing Java 7

Harnessing Java 7

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This is the second of three volumes of the Harnessing JavaTM 7 book.It provides a comprehensive approach to learning the Java programminglanguage to all levels of Java developers.It covers the essential topics of the Java programming language such as Inner Classes, Threads, I/O, Collections, etc.Each topic in the book starts with the topic's background discussion.A step-by-step process with small snippets of Java code provides easy to follow instructions.At the end of a topic, a complete and ready-to-run Java program is provided. This volume contains 50 diagrams to help programmers visualize and better understand the topics.More than 290 complete programs included in this volume help the readers practice and learn the topics faster. The chapter on Threads discusses everything from the very basic concepts of a thread to the most advanced topics such assynchronizers, executor framework, fork/join framework, atomic variables, etc. This volume contains an unmatched coverage of Java I/O.It devotes four chapters on the topic of Java I/O.NIO 2.0, which is a Java 7 feature, has been covered in detail in a separate chapter.Besides other topics of NIO 2.0, the Path API, the FileVisitor API, the watch service and asynchronousfile I/O of NIO 2.0 have in-depth coverage.It contains at least one complete Java program on every NIO 2.0 topic discussed in this volume. The following topics are covered in this volume. Interfaces Annotations Inner Classes Enum Reflection Generics Threads Input/Output Archive Files NIO NIO 2.0 Collections It covers the following new features of JavaTM 7 in detail. Generic Type Inference Heap Pollution Improved Compiler Warnings a Errors for Non-Reifiable Varargs Parameters Improved File and Channel Closing Mechanism Using a try-with-resources Statement New Input/Output 2.0 (NIO 2.0) Fork/Join Framework Phaser Synchronizer TransferQueue Collectionprocess of combining multiple files into one file for convenience of storage. Typically, you compress multiple files and put them together in an archive file. You may have worked with files with an extension .zip. It uses a ZIP file format.

Title:Harnessing Java 7
Author:Kishori Sharan
Publisher:Kishori Sharan - 2011-09-17


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