Haughey’s Millions – On the Trail of Charlie’s Money

Haughey’s Millions – On the Trail of Charlie’s Money

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Untangle the financial history of Charlie Haughey, Taoiseach and leader of Fianna Faaacuteil, in Haugheya€™s Millions, the must-read, bestselling exposAc of one of Irelanda€™s most controversial politicians Colm Keena, acclaimed Irish Times investigative journalist, examines the extraordinary career of Charlie a€˜the Bossa€™ Haughey, the backbench TD who became Taoiseach (Prime Minister) and left a financial legacy that lingered long after his retirement from political life. As a politician, Haughey made a huge contribution to Irish life: he played a key role in the Northern Ireland peace process and he laid the foundations for the prosperity that arrived with the Celtic Tiger. But Haugheya€™s Millions does not deal with Haugheya€™s political history; instead Keena uncovers the subject that Haughey most wanted to avoid and youa€™ll most want to read: the truth about his money. From elections to tribunal appearances, Haughey dominated the Irish political landscape from the a€™60s to the a€™90s and always lived visibly beyond his means. From his princely accommodation in Kinsealy to his penchant for horses, Haugheya€™s extravagant spending made him look like a rich man on a TDa€™s salary. In Haugheya€™s Millions, Keena traces the origins of Haugheya€™s lavish lifestyle back to the a€™50s and to his early life as a partner in Haughey, Boland a Co. Moving chronologically forward, Keena looks at Haugheya€™s early involvement with Des Traynor and his developing relationships with property developers and other key entrepreneurs and business figures. Keenaa€™s investigations take him up to the Moriarty and McCracken tribunals of the mid- a€™90s, set up to investigate the alleged financial corruption at the heart of Haugheya€™s infamous political reign. Under the microscope of Keenaa€™s investigations, Haugheya€™s financial dealings are revealed. In Haugheya€™s Millions, Keena gives you the whole tangled story of a politician who lived like a prince, from beginning to ignominious end. Haugheya€™s Millions: Table of Contents Introduction Part One: 1925a€“1987 A Descendant of Kings The Tax Commissionera€™s Residence The Wilderness Years Banking Secrets Horse Dealers and Hoteliers Helping CiarAin Part Two: 1987a€“1992 Back in Business Tralee Again A New Disciple Money for the Boss Brian Lenihan Financial Services Taxing the Taoiseach Part Three: 1992a€“ Bowing Out Gracefully Helicopters Again An Innocent Bystander Disclosure Endgame The Case for the DefenceI. 10. Money. for. the. Boss. N 1997 the question was raised in the DAiil of the possible misuse by Haughey of the Fianna FAiil party leadera#39;s allowance account. The then Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern, told the DAiilthe account had not been misused .

Title:Haughey’s Millions – On the Trail of Charlie’s Money
Author:Colm Keena
Publisher:Gill & Macmillan Ltd - 2001-09-27


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