he could not contain HER:

he could not contain HER:

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First and foremost, this book gives you a glimpse into one creative (some say genius) bipolar mind, which I have had for a little over twelve years. Beyond that, using a Sacred Feminine, Holy Spirit, Breath and Wind of God perspective, as well as an educational/creative perspective, and a Course in Miracles perspective, I attempt to create a total world reversal of thought on all issues related to the world/humans, why wea€™re here, and whata€™s to come of us. This book reverses so-called a€œnormala€ human thinking about almost everything, including what is life and what is death; what the real story of Lucifer and Mary Magdalene, John the Baptist, and Jesus really is; and what the actual laws of the universe really are, whata€™s actually normal and abnormal; (the answer will surprise you); what humans are actually like as a species; what the current state of our world actually is; and what humans mean to Christ/John the Baptist (Christ/Alter Ego Christ) in reality and in the great scheme of things. It will be no surprise that I determine that to save the world (and yes it can be done), love is the only question and love is the only answer. The only problem is that most people on Earth arena€™t really listening, despite the fact that we live in an almost-dead world, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The spiritual light of the world is very dim, if ita€™s even shining at all anymore. Humans must wake up now, today. This book is about starting a creative/spiritual/educational revolution in America and letting it spread throughout the whole world. This book takes a forward-looking approach to the future and gives readers a glimpse into upcoming events.... Bastille She Will be Loved, Maroon 5 Strangest Angels, Luke Wade and No Civilians A Thousand Years Christina Perri Upside Down, Jac Johnson Vienna, The Fray WhenI Was Your Man, Bruno Mars Wild Child, Brett Densen Your Bodyis aanbsp;...

Title:he could not contain HER:
Author:Kathleen McCartan, PhD
Publisher:Balboa Press - 2014-09-23


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