Health, Illness and Disease

Health, Illness and Disease

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What counts as health or ill health? How do we deal with the fallibility of our own bodies? Should illness and disease be considered simply in biological terms, or should considerations of its emotional impact dictate our treatment of it? Our understanding of health and illness had become increasingly more complex in the modern world, as we are able to use medicine not only to fight disease but to control other aspects of our bodies, whether mood, blood pressure, or cholesterol. This collection of essays foregrounds the concepts of health and illness and patient experience within the philosophy of medicine, reflecting on the relationship between the ill person and society. Mental illness is considered alongside physical disease, and the important ramifications of society's differentiation between the two are brought to light. Health, Illness and Disease is a significant contribution to shaping the parameters of the evolving field of philosophy of medicine and will be of interest to medical practitioners and policy-makers as well as philosophers of science and ethicists.Philosophical Essays Havi Carel, Rachel Cooper. been altered. If we say no to a technology a€“ for example, an early ultrasound test to detect the risk that a foetus might suffer from Downa#39;s ... opments of gene technology, in which humankind itself is becoming the manipulated, not only the manipulator (Svenaeus 2007).

Title:Health, Illness and Disease
Author:Havi Carel, Rachel Cooper
Publisher:Routledge - 2014-09-11


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