Heaven to Betsy (Emily #1)

Heaven to Betsy (Emily #1)

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2015 WINNER USA Best Book Awards, Cross Genre Fiction A heartfelt and hilarious mystery from this bestselling and award-winning author, in a Katie a Annalise spin-off series. When a dead body swan-dives from a balcony into the pool at a wedding, gossip comes to a halt about disgraced paralegal and former rodeo queen Emilya€”whose husband left her for a woman who turns out to be a man. Enter Jack, a secretive attorney and sexy mix of cowboy and Indian. She refuses to work for him, until she learns about the disappearance of the six-year old daughter of his notorious client Sofia, the wedding shooter, who is also an illegal immigrant. Emily feels a strange affinity with the girl and launches a desperate search for her. Bodies pile up in her wake across Texas and New Mexico as the walls around her own secrets begin to crumble, and the authorities question whether the child is anything but a figment of her imagination. See why Pamela's novels have won contest after contest. 2015 WINNER USA Best Book Awards, Cross Genre Fiction 2014 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, Romance, Quarter-finalist 2014 USA Best Book Award Winner (Fiction: Cross Genre: Finalist) 2012 Winner of the Houston Writers Guild Ghost Story Contest 2011 Winner of the Houston Writers Guild Mainstream Novel Contest 2010 Winner of the Writers League of Texas Romance Contest EƒEƒEƒ Once Upon A Romance calls Hutchins an qup-and-coming powerhouse writer.q If you like Sandra Brown or Janet Evanovich, you're going to love Pamela Fagan Hutchins. A former attorney and native Texan from Amarillo who spent ten years in the Caribbean, Pamela splits her time between Houston and a little place called Nowheresville. EƒEƒEƒ The reviews for Heaven to Betsy are in, and they're good. Very, very good. a€œGrabs you by the throat from the get-go for a suspenseful, rollicking ride.a€ a€” Ken Oder, author of The Closing a€œFull of heart, humor, vivid characters, and suspense. Hutchins has done it again!a€ a€” Gay Yellen, author of The Body Business a€œHutchins is a master of tension.a€ a€” R.L. Nolen, author of Deadly Thyme a€œIntriguing mystery . . . captivating romance.a€ a€” Patricia Flaherty Pagan, author of Trail Ways Pilgrims a€œIn my book . . . the makings of a great novel: cheating husbands, murder, and hot cowboys.a€ a€” Melissa Algood, contributing author, Eclectically Criminal EƒEƒEƒ Don't forget to catch the Katie a Annalise and Michele mystery series Paperback and audio versions also available. Earth to Emily (Emily #2) is available now as well. Scroll up and order your copy of Heaven to Betsy, today.a€œGuilty. And yet I forgot my handbag in the car when we were at Harveya#39;s house. How smart was that?a€ He opened his glove compartment. a€œStash it in there, Annie Oakley. They probably wona#39;t even make you go through the metal detectorsa€”Ianbsp;...

Title:Heaven to Betsy (Emily #1)
Author:Pamela Fagan Hutchins
Publisher:SkipJack Publishing - 2015-04-02


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