Hebrew in Its West Semitic Setting

Hebrew in Its West Semitic Setting

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This is the third and final volume of the lexical part of the work. Section Bb contains comparative material to the root system from cognate languages, including sixteen Semitic and three Cushitic fairly well represented languages as well as Tuareg, Hausa, old Egyptian and Coptic quoted systematically; Omotic; Berber other than Tuareg, and Chadic other than Hausa likewise as groups; other Semitic and Cushitic less regularly; etymological and semantic comments follow dictionary entries; phonological discussion, including an attempt at the determination of pre-Semitic phonemes on the basis of actual attestation, is mainly concentrated in the introduction. Sections CDE contain the numerals (under 100), pronouns and particles, Hebrew material together with the comparative one and discussion after the entries.throw, shoot; Aram /yrV/ A teach; Syr /yrV/ ft (happen to) meet; conflict (with); dare; go into conjunction (astron.); Akk /(w)aru/, (OAkk, OAss) /waraa#39;/, (M/NAss) /unia#39;/ lead, guide, fetch; Arab /wr/ throw, reject; /wry/ D allude ambiguously ; St ask (for anbsp;...

Title:Hebrew in Its West Semitic Setting
Author:A. Murtonen
Publisher:BRILL - 1986


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