Hematology in Clinical Practice

Hematology in Clinical Practice

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Hematology in Clinical Practice Fourth Edition Robert S. Hillman, MD Kenneth A. Ault, MD Henry M. Rinder, MD INCLUDES 48 SUPERB FULL-COLOR PLATES Also from McGraw-Hill: Lichtman, Beutler, Kaushansky, Kipps and Seligsohn: WILLIAMS HEMATOLOGY, 7th Edition Hathaway and Goodnight: DISORDERS OF HEMOSTASIS AND THROMBOSIS: A Clinical Guide Concise, easy-to-use, and thoroughly practicala€”the most efficient guide to the diagnosis and management of all blood disorders The highly practical approach of HEMATOLOGY IN CLINICAL PRACTICE keeps practitioners at the cutting edge of the latest advances in the field. Each disease state features a review of pathophysiology, clinical features, and approaches to diagnosis and management. Plus, look for these highlights in the Fourth Edition: a€c More prescriptive than ever, with qKey Pointsq boxes, algorithms, and qAuthor's Preferred Management Approachq for each disease a€c Thoroughly updated therapy sections a€c State-of-the-art lab tests a€c Expanded coverage of genetic testing and therapy a€c Enhanced coverage of thrombosis and hemostasis a€c Latest advances in transfusion therapies and transplantation a€c More detail on chemotherapies and supportive care a€c Precise drug dosages and potential combinations for tailoring multi-drug regimens a€c New illustrations elucidate molecular pathways and pathophysiologic progress of diseases a€c Previews of drugs soon to enter the clinical arena a€c Conveniently organized into sections on Red Blood Cell Disorders, White Blood Cell Disorders, and Disorders of Hemostasis a€c Plus, the highly focused discussions of specific disease states enable you to get the thorough information you need quicklya€”ideal for someone with a busy schedule like yoursIn the manual method, a drop of fresh blood is incubated with a few drops of new methylene blue solution and a blood ... The normal reticulocyte count for both the automated and new methylene blue methods is 1% with a range of 0.6-2.0%.

Title:Hematology in Clinical Practice
Author:Robert S. Hillman, Kenneth A. Ault, Henry Rinder
Publisher:McGraw Hill Professional - 2005-06-01


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