Herbal Horse Health

Herbal Horse Health

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The main purpose of this book is to show how we can all learn to help and heal our horses. The aim is to bring healing back to where healing belongs qwith everybody.q Understanding behaviour and communicationis important as they are expressions of energy and are crucial to learning to understand others. In this book, you will discover natural, gentle, and supportive therapies that work in harmony with the healing system to help restore and maintain health. Healing will occur when we work with, not against, the forces of nature that exist within the body. Animals are our teachers and very often they lead us to on a path of discovery that we would not have embarked on without them in our lives. This book will help our descendants and their horses towards a better understanding and a greater mutual respect between the species. Take responsibility for your horse's health and wellbeing. You will find that they not only feel and look better; they will achieve much more and avoid disease and ailments caused by lifestyle and bad diets. Give your horses the happy, healthy, and vibrant lives they deserve! Topics covered include: Herbs Essential Oils Essences Tissue Salts Materia Medica... Disorientation Essences: Angelica, Calendula, Clematis, Rescue Remedy Distraction / Distracted Essences: Cerato, ... Problems Herbs: Celery Seeds, Chamomile, Fennel, Hops, Peppermint, Thyme Essences: Rescue Remedy Dystokiaanbsp;...

Title:Herbal Horse Health
Author:Hetty Tapper
Publisher:Partridge Publishing Singapore - 2014-04


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