Heuristic Reasoning

Heuristic Reasoning

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How can we advance knowledge? Which methods do we need in order to make new discoveries? How can we rationally evaluate, reconstruct and offer discoveries as a means of improving the a€˜methoda€™ of discovery itself? And how can we use findings about scientific discovery to boost funding policies, thus fostering a deeper impact of scientific discovery itself? The respective chapters in this book provide readers with answers to these questions. They focus on a set of issues that are essential to the development of types of reasoning for advancing knowledge, such as models for both revolutionary findings and paradigm shifts; ways of rationally addressing scientific disagreement, e.g. when a revolutionary discovery sparks considerable disagreement inside the scientific community; frameworks for both discovery and inference methods; and heuristics for economics and the social sciences.Faced with a unique landing gear malfunction, a C-130J crew had to get innovative to return home safely. ... Using chains for landing gear malfunctions is not covered in the J-model flight manual because of a different tie-down mechanismanbsp;...

Title:Heuristic Reasoning
Author:Emiliano Ippoliti
Publisher:Springer - 2014-09-05


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