Higher Truth

Higher Truth

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What we need to know about meditation and mindfulness to eliminate qstressq in our lives is contained in this book. This book follows and discusses the Satipatthana meditation scheme (pronunciation: sati-PA'-tana), too often neglected in the West. Many additional details about Buddhism are discussed including the very nature of spirituality. This as a mysterious human capacity in the way that electricity or mechanics are for most people -- but more like a puzzle, once understood it becomes useful. Reading this is a way of doing Buddhism as long as the reader continues meditation. The virtue of participating in chanting and other rituals is also explained. This is intended as a thorough, well documented and simply written presentation. Teachings about Purification, Anapanasati, Heart, Precious Bodhicitta, Realization, Enlightenment and many other qtechnicalq Buddhist concepts are described. There is an extensive glossary and bibliography.Avoiding these traps and procrastination is why the Buddha taught that being connected to a Sangha was one third part of Buddhism, I believe. ... ofthe Four Noble Truths through this triple cyclea€”frames of reference, as with the ending instructions of Satipatthana, we shall ... time through each of The Four Noble Truths (which are really 11 parts), and this done three times, that is 108 x 3 x 11 = 3, 564 days, anbsp;...

Title:Higher Truth
Author:Irv Jacob
Publisher:Author House - 2013-12


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