Hilltop Lodge: Frances' Birthday Celebration

Hilltop Lodge: Frances' Birthday Celebration

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In 1926, Frances Dodgea€”heiress to the Dodge Motor Company fortunea€”received a very special gift for her twelfth birthday: a playhouse christened a€˜Hilltop Lodgea€™. This was no ordinary playhouse. You will learn about its planning and constructiona€”and celebrate her birthday in this extraordinary playhouse. For Frances, Hilltop Lodge was a safe havena€”a hideaway of sorts. When riding horses on her familya€™s estatea€”she used her playhouse as a stopover. (Frances Dodge would later become an internationally renowned horsewoman.) Hilltop Lodge did help Frances to gain the house management skills that her mother desired her to learna€”but mostly it was special to Frances because it was here that she would first meet Patrick. Even today you can visit Francesa€™ playhouse. Some of her personal belongings (toys, books and dishes) are still there. Visitors to Meadow Brook Hall are invited to take the short stroll through the woods to visit her playhousea€”but most seem so in awe of the mansion (which was designated a National Historic Landmark in 2012)a€”that they confine themselves to touring the Hall. It is indeed an exquisite home. But Hilltop Lodge, Francesa€™ enchanted hideaway, was magical . . .Of special note is that Hilltop Lodge was the very first allelectric a€œhomea€ in the Detroit metropolitan area! ... The style of the interior decoration and furnishings were similar to those that graced Meadow Brook Hall as her mother oversaw the anbsp;...

Title:Hilltop Lodge: Frances' Birthday Celebration
Author:Kay Taylor and Tara Taylor
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2015-09-11


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