Historical Dictionary of Thailand

Historical Dictionary of Thailand

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Throughout its history, Thailand has shown remarkable resiliency, adaptability, and creativity in responding to serious threats and crises, and this since much earlier times when it was known as Siam. This book, while focusing on the modern period, does reach back to ancient kingdoms but also shows the impressive rise to a modern democracy, although still endowed with a king, and even more impressively, an economic a€œtiger.a€ Moreover, it has become a prime tourist destination and is thus known to vast numbers of foreigners as a sort of a€œinstant Asia.a€ The Historical Dictionary of Thailand, now in its third edition, covers this amazing story in various ways. First, the chronology traces the most significant events from year to year. The introduction then provides a good overview of the land and people, the history and traditions, and where it now seems to be heading. The dictionary, which by now has hundreds of detailed and cross-referenced entries, looks more closely at important persons, places, institutions and events as well as more generally its politics, economy, society, culture and religion. So this is an excellent reference work not only for scholars but many others who have visited the country and were fascinated by it.Bangkok: Gender and Development Research Institute, 1995. ... Swanson, Herbert R. a€œA New Generation: Missionary Education and Changes in Womena#39;s Roles in Traditional Northern Thai ... New York: Berg-Oxford University Press, 2000.

Title:Historical Dictionary of Thailand
Author:Gerald W. Fry, Gayla S. Nieminen, Harold E. Smith
Publisher:Scarecrow Press - 2013-08-08


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