History in the Comic Mode

History in the Comic Mode

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In this groundbreaking collection, twenty-one prominent medievalists discuss continuity and change in ideas of personhood and community and argue for the viability of the comic mode in the study and recovery of history. These scholars approach their sources not from a particular ideological viewpoint but with an understanding that all topics, questions, and explanations are viable. They draw on a variety of sources in Latin, Arabic, French, German, Middle English, and more, and employ a range of theories and methodologies, always keeping in mind that environments are inseparable from the making of the people who inhabit them and that these people are in part constituted by and understood in terms of their communities. Essays feature close readings of both familiar and lesser known materials, offering provocative interpretations of John of Rupescissa's alchemy; the relationship between the living and the saintly dead in Bernard of Clairvaux's sermons; the nomenclature of heresy in the early eleventh century; the apocalyptic visions of Robert of UzAus; Machiavelli's De principatibus; the role of qdemotic religiosityq in economic development; and the visions of Elizabeth of SchApnau. Contributors write as historians of religion, art, literature, culture, and society, approaching their subjects through the particular and the singular rather than through the thematic and the theoretical. Playing with the wild possibilities of the historical fragments at their disposal, the scholars in this collection advance a new and exciting approach to writing medieval history.... Concordia discordantium canonum, or Decretum, as causa 26, question 5, canon 12, the notorious Canon Episcopi. ... great spaces of earth, and obey her commands as of their lady, and are summoned to her service on certain nights.

Title:History in the Comic Mode
Author:Rachel Fulton, Bruce W. Holsinger
Publisher:Columbia University Press - 2007-05-22


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