Hollywood Punch

Hollywood Punch

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A hilarious and sexy novella from the beloved author of THE LONELY HEARTS CLUB, SCOT ON THE ROCKS and JACK WITH A TWIST about Manhattan attorney Brooke Miller, whose movie star ex-boyfriend is making a new film...that may feature a character based on Brooke. Wait...what?!?!?!? Gorgeous fiancAc? Check. Totally in love? Check. Hair more-or-less frizz-free? Check. Ready to meet the ex-boyfriend and his new movie-star wife for dinner? With this hair? God, no. Dona€™t get me wrong, ita€™s not like I need to prove something to Trip. Or to his twiga€”I mean, wife. Ita€™s just that I have my dignity to protect. And the things Ia€™ve done for my dignitya€b which may or may not include bringing a fake fiancAc with a fake Scottish accent and a kilt to Tripa€™s wedding. But Trip doesna€™t know any of that. Will never know that. I pulled off the charade and now my life is perfect. What? Hea€™s making a movie? About a girl who goes to her ex-boyfrienda€™s wedding? Starring his beautiful celebrity wife? And they need my help to make it accurate? Why would that be a problem? Ia€™ve nothing to hidea€b. Ia€™m totally screwed.As I give the driver my address, my BlackBerry begins to buzz. ... you are notthe intended recipient, wewould request you delete this communication without reading itorany attachment, not forwardor otherwise distribute it, andkindly advise Gilson, ... After all, when Madonna tells youto a€œget up and dance and sing, a€you listen.

Title:Hollywood Punch
Author:Brenda Janowitz
Publisher:Polis Books - 2014-09-02


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