Home Away from Home

Home Away from Home

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I discovered that no matter how organized you are or how carefully you think you are living your life, things have a way of getting out of your control. The lid slips off, and everything you save and loved and counted on whirls away in the wind. After the suddend death of her husband, Dill, Anna Rainey is emotionally unable to return to the home they shared. Instead she becomes a perpetual house guest, going from friend to friend, seeking the solace and security in their lives that she no longer feels in her own. Each friend offers a different kind of comfort. Lexi and her young daughter form a sort of surrogate family. Amy and Tim, a newly married couple, give Anna a comfortable place to stay but are so much in love that it is difficult for her to be around them. Philip's platonic friendship threatens to turn into something more complicated. Lydia plies Anna with glasses of red wine and self-help-book platitudes. Offers of advice are everywhere: join a support group, reconnect with family, find a new man. For a while Anna tries to listen--she even meets a new man at a support group--but these remedies fall flat. Ultimately Anna's survival, hard-won and precious, comes in her own time. Lorna J. Cook creates a strong and endearing voice in the character of Anna and keeps the reader rooting for her until, after a year and a day, she finds the strength to go home.One of the latter was a propensity for cheating on my lists; I would scratch out a€œ Mondaya€ and write a€œTuesdaya€ at the top, ... It was late November, and Ia#39;d had on my fix-it list for several days running a€œCall garage door repair, a€ because our car hadanbsp;...

Title:Home Away from Home
Author:Lorna J. Cook
Publisher:Macmillan - 2006-01-24


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