Home Is Where the Suitcases Are

Home Is Where the Suitcases Are

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a€œLife is lived in the little things.a€ a€”Marilyn Beckwith In the early 1970s, after a year of unemployment, Marilyn Beckwith was in desperate need for change in her life. With her characteristic joie de vivre, she started a new life on a new continenta€”and didna€™t look back. In 1971, she and her husband moved to Africa with their four children, armed with not much more than a penchant for adventure and a sense of humor. They started their African adventures in Kenya, and they tried life in Zaire (now Congo). Marilyn was called to build a home for her family on the local economy, unsupported by any embassy or company. While steadfastly holding on to her values, she faced a steep learning curve in adjusting to the African rhythms of life. She gamely coped with challenges, from the mundane to the miraculous, including bridging food shortages, navigating the fringes of diplomatic life, outsmarting a mischievous chimpanzee, and adapting to new languages: a€œMadame, you speak French like a Zairean.a€ a€œOh, thank you.q a€œMadame, that was not a compliment!a€ Journey with this American mother as she discovers that everyday life can become extraordinarily entertaining when circumstances are unusual.It took the two of them to trace our electrical problem to a downed and drowned wire in the attic crawlspace. They fixed that wire, but one problem led to another. They also had to rewire and rebuild an antiquated fuse box. All that was simpleranbsp;...

Title:Home Is Where the Suitcases Are
Author:Marilyn Beckwith
Publisher:Abbott Press - 2012-01-04


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