Homeschool Your Child for Free

Homeschool Your Child for Free

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For Families Who Want to Splurge on Education but Scrimp on Spending Are you considering homeschooling your child, but don't know where to go for the best educational resources? The Internet is an open door to the biggest library/laboratory the world has ever seena€”and it's all at your fingertips for free! This never-ending source of information, adventure, and educational experiences for the entire family is now compiled in a complete curriculum for any age in Homeschool Your Child for Free. This invaluable guide to all the best in free educational materiala€”from reading-readiness activities for preschoolers to science projects for teensa€”categorizes, reviews, and rates more than 1, 200 of the most useful educational resources on the Internet and beyond. You'll discover: AmLegal guidelines and compliance requirements for home educators AmComplete curriculum plans for a comprehensive education, for preschool through high school AmOnline lesson plans arranged by subject, from American history to zoology AmTeaching tips and motivators from successful homeschoolers AmAnd much, much more! qWow! Everything I have been trying to organizea€”all in one book! This is going to be part of my resource library for the support group I lead. Thanks,€”Kimberly Eckles, HIS Support Group Leader, Home Instructors I'm impressed! There are more sites and links than I knew existed. A great resource for€”Maureen McCaffrey, publisher Homeschooling Today From the Trade Paperback edition.Levels and Types of Questions How to ask questions that cause children to think at higher levels, using examples from Blooma#39;s Taxonomy. Mighty Optical Illusions When your kid begs for the address, you know a website is cool. Dozens and ... Are you a Neat Freak: How jealous are You?

Title:Homeschool Your Child for Free
Author:LauraMaery Gold, Joan M. Zielinski
Publisher:Three Rivers Press - 2009-08-04


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