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This intimate, eminently practical memoir of a successful homeschooled family of six children illuminates todaya€™s most exciting choice in education, and shows how it works from cradle to college. What is it that homeschoolers do that the public schools cana€™t or wona€™t? There are at least as many answers as there are studies. But nothing can capture the homeschooling experience in all its richness like the story of a real family that homeschools its children in middleclass America. Homeschooling: A Familya€™s Journey is the perfect book for those millions of Americans who may know someone who homeschools, who may have read about it, thought about it, and wondered whether homeschooling is right for them. Sharing the concerns of committed parents everywhere, authors Gregory and Martine Millman are consistently practical, informed, caring, and no-nonsense in their approach. They pay special attention to homeschooling and college, the economics of home-learning, and how a parent can really handle a childa€™s full education. Homeschooling opens a window on an exciting, important way of educationa€”and, even more, a way of lifea€”that can make all the difference in your familya€™s world.More important, we were highly selective about which of those books and articles we passed along to the children, and when. For example, books about college admissions essays can be daunting. We feel that handing one of these books to aanbsp;...

Author:Martine Millman, Gregory Millman
Publisher:Penguin - 2008-08-14


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