Hong Kong’s Governance Under Chinese Sovereignty

Hong Kong’s Governance Under Chinese Sovereignty

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As a hybrid regime, Hong Kong has been governed by a state-business alliance since the colonial era. However, since the handover in 1997, the transformation of Hong Konga€™s political and socio-economic environment has eroded the conditions that supported a viable state-business alliance. This state-business alliance, which was once a solution for Hong Konga€™s governance, has now become a political burden, rather than a political asset, to the post-colonial Hong Kong state. This book presents a critical re-examination of the post-1997 governance crisis in Hong Kong under the Tung Chee-hwa and Donald Tsang administrations. It shows that the state-business alliance has failed to function as an organizational machinery for supporting the post-colonial state, and has also served to generate new governance problems. Drawing upon contemporary theories on hybrid regimes and state capacity, this book looks beyond the existing opposition-centered explanations of Hong Konga€™s governance crisis. By establishing the causal relationship between the failure of the state-business alliance and the governance crisis facing the post-colonial state, Brian C. H. Fong broadens our understanding of the governance problems and political confrontations in post-colonial Hong Kong. In turn, he posits that although the state-business alliance worked effectively for the colonial state in the past, it is now a major problem for the post-colonial state, and suggests that Hong Kong needs a realignment of a new governing coalition. Hong Konga€™s Governance under Chinese Sovereignty will enrich and broaden the existing literature on Hong Konga€™s public governance whilst casting new light on the territorya€™s political developments. As such, it will be welcomed by students and scholars interested in Chinese politics, Hong Kong politics, and governance.Proposed nutrition labelling seneme on nutrition for prepackaged food a#39; Discussion Paper for tne Legislative Council Panel on ... Retrieved 1 January 2013 from www.legco.gov.hk/er7-08/english/panels/fseh/papers/fe12l1cb2-516-3 -e.pdf Fried, ... Xianggang zhengzhi liliang de chongzu (Political realignment in Hong Kong).

Title:Hong Kong’s Governance Under Chinese Sovereignty
Author:Brian C. H. Fong
Publisher:Routledge - 2014-09-04


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