Horizon 2020

Horizon 2020

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Individualized prevention and self management of life style and nutrition via automated Heart Rate Variability (HRV) analyses using finger tip sensors on a mobile mHealth phone. BACKGROUND: Partner P03 (IMI-FL) invented a portable ICT device. It is a sensor equipped mobile phone to measure a€œhearth rate variability (HRV) measuresa€, sent the measures to a server, and in return receive personalized health related feedback Before extended licening we need to establish efficacy, usability of the system, and compliance and adherence of the user. AIM OF FIELD TRIALS a€c implement and test IMI portable coaching system consisting on a€c healthy citizens, and a€c patients with chronic cardiovascular and/or metabolic conditions, a€c test the feasibility in pilot field trials, the a€c include up to 900 citizens in three countries EXPECTED RESULTS a data pool for 1) healthy aging, 2) patients at risk from cardiovascular conditions (e.g. post infarct), and 3) patients at risk from metabolism associated conditions (diabetes, obesity) EXPECTED IMPACT a€c empower citizens to observe their own vegetative status outside any health centre a€c empower health professionals to improve personalized care a€c Data pool for health care stakeholders, who can extract health risk related information from the anonymized data pool a€c Data basis for various sectors, e.g. restaurants to contribute to personalized modifications towards a healthy lifestyles a€c Revenues from licensing the system worldwide. FIVE WORK PACKAGES a€c Project management a€c Trials preparation ((prototype manufacture, server programming, a€c Pilot trials (feasibility tests), a€c Main trials, up to 900 citirzens enroled in 3 countries a€c Exploitation PROJECT TEAM :Six partners complenting each other P01, Centre for Neurpsychologic Research, CNR , Trier, Germany P02, SCIgenia, Vienna, Austria P03, IMI-Health AG, Principality of Liechenstein P04. Inst. Pub. Health (MIPH), Mannheim, Germany P05, Viadrina University Frankfurt/Oder, Germany P06, IMI-Health Tec Ltd. London, Great Britain Authors: Prof. Dr. Wilhelm MosgApller, Dr. Dr. Gerhard Lingg PhDAdobe components: Including Adobe Reader (for viewing PDF documents) and Adobe Flash and Shockwave players (for viewing ... Microsoft components: Including Internet Explorer 7, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel etc), Silverlight ( alternative to Adobe Flash player). ... 10 SAFE AND CONFIDENTIAL DATA TRANSMISSION.

Title:Horizon 2020
Author:Gerhard DDr.Lingg PhD
Publisher:epubli - 2014-04-23


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