Horsepower War

Horsepower War

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Horsepower War shatters nostalgic myths about musclecars and provides historical perspective on today's SUV craze. It proves efficiency and pollution regulation didn't kill the musclecar and that current regulation, which picks winners by favoring SUVs is the real threat. Harless has mined auto literature from the 1960s to the present to reveal granular detail on specific models, while at the same time providing broad perspective on the tectonic shifts in domestic auto making. He approaches political issues as an auto enthusiast, but instead of being an apologist for industry, he offers principles that embrace market rationality, and enhance the long-term sustainability of cars through rational transportation and energy policy. Harless re-discovers the principles of qconspicuous wasteq and qconspicuous consumptionq-phrases coined by economist Thorstein Veblen, author of Theory of the Leisure Class-to unmask the unacknowledged assumptions of both U.S. consumers and automakers.It was the beginning of Richarda#39;s switch to Pontiac. He complained ... There were was the mass airflow sensor, exhaust sniffer, and ignition computer, which journalists all said were the cause of the 360 Miradaa#39;s middling performance. It ran toanbsp;...

Title:Horsepower War
Author:Robert Harless
Publisher:iUniverse - 2004-01-01


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