Hotter Than Helltown

Hotter Than Helltown

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A killer is mutilating bodies in Los Angeles. Agent CAusar Hawke is on the case, but the murderer is ahead of him a€“ way ahead of him. Wiping the memories of the dead so that the teama€™s resident necrocognitive cana€™t talk to them? Done. Preventing magical reconstruction of crime scenes? Oh yeah. And the murders keep getting worse while CAusar struggles to catch up. The best way to heat up a cold case is to go to Helltown, where LAa€™s most powerful evil hides out, but even those demons are afraid of the murderer. Their fear adds one more question to the growing pile of unknowns: What kind of bad guy is too hot for Helltown?a€œWhat, no Scantron?a€ I asked. a€œIta#39;s a practicaltestusing ... You have two hours.a€ That spell wasna#39;t in the appendixof theaspis manual. ... The other handed mea barebonesdiagram of the circlewithout any instructions. a€œIa#39;m too busy to waste timeanbsp;...

Title:Hotter Than Helltown
Author:SM Reine
Publisher:SM Reine - 2014-06-24


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