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A fast-moving cyberpunk thriller set in a world of thinking cities, ruthless corporations and mad orbital AIs. A novel that links the groundbreaking works of William Gibson to the new generation of writers such as Charlie Stross and Hannu Rajaniemi. Ajay had a future once, birthing intelligent cities for the Haag Agency. First Delhi, then Milan. But then he is seduced into betraying his employers and finds himself working for a city that wishes to become human. Ajay must steal some rare technology from a long-dead wetware expert, a new Frankenstein called Snow, a man now alive in an AI. A man who wants a new toy for his manufactured daughter ...a#39;You okay?a#39; a#39;Anotherfucking yearoffmylife isall.a#39; Badtemperedly he shoved the carinto gear, swung the wheel around and floored the gas. Rosa clutched ather stomach. The jeep sped round the deck and out pastthewooden sign ontothe road.

Author:Simon Ings
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2014-03-13


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