House of Bougainvillea and Other Stories

House of Bougainvillea and Other Stories

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From the very beginning, I believed that every moment of our life has a story written in it, because its unpredictableness breeds countless posibilities. Its only because we are so tuned to our mechanical jobs that we do not keep a track of it. As we grow old, the stories are written on the hard disk and then deleted simultaeneously, for we have better things to do than remebering silly episodes. Therefore, I turned to my childhood. Where little incidents have shaped my life. Where a girl taught me what is struggle. Where a school showed me what is friendship.And where a friend demonstrated the true worth of fellowfeeling. This book has just captured those moments and some other stories as well, some funny, some poignant, which either I have encountered or listened somewhere. I have no pretension of being a great writer. This book is written in a very day-to-day english, because I feel ornamental language destroys emotions. Being my first attempt, I have also no idea about the rules of writing, if something of that sort exists. The tales are just the reflections of my feeling. Hope, the esteemed readers enjoy.Life is a quadratic equation for you, with indeterminate roots. ... hand) and newbie Jayaprada(looking smashing in a dancera#39;s costume) as well as the serpentine queue for the movie. a€œDafliwale . . .a€ song was making the nation crazy and some crank pot students had improvised whistles on the tune of the song, to impress theanbsp;...

Title:House of Bougainvillea and Other Stories
Author:debadatta satpathy
Publisher:Partridge Publishing - 2014-02-26


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