How Languages Work

How Languages Work

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A new and exciting introduction to linguistics, this textbook presents language in all its amazing complexity, while guiding students gently through the basics. Students emerge with an appreciation of the diversity of the world's languages, as well as a deeper understanding of the structure of human language, the ways it is used, and its broader social and cultural context. Chapters introducing the nuts and bolts of language study (phonology, syntax, meaning) are combined with those on the 'functions' of language (discourse, prosody, pragmatics, and language contact), helping students gain a better grasp of how language works in the real world. A rich set of language 'profiles' help students explore the world's linguistic diversity, identify similarities and differences between languages, and encourages them to apply concepts from earlier chapter material. A range of carefully designed pedagogical features encourage student engagement, adopting a step-by-step approach and using study questions and case studies.... 475 tense-deverbal slot 475a€“476 verb formation 474 word classes 468 word formation 469a€“470 word order within clauses 471 Southern ... 266a€“267 syncope 592 synonymy 164a€“166 evaluative synonyms 165 near synonyms 165 syntactic templates 123 syntax 11, 20, ... units (IUs) 227 narrow transcription 37 prosody 223, 228 see also International Phonetic Alphabet transitivity 131a€“132 tree diagramsanbsp;...

Title:How Languages Work
Author:Carol Genetti
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 2014-01-23


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