How to be a Tour Guide

How to be a Tour Guide

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Have you ever wanted to become a Tour Guide but not known where to start? Do you yearn to travel the world, explore exotic locations and lead groups of people around unfamiliar locations a€˜like ita€™s your own backyarda€™? This book can help you become a Tour Guide. It will teach you what you need to say, how to advertise your services and even how to get paid. It will teach you how to start your first tour, how to get repeat business after you've finished it and even what life is really like a€˜out there on the roada€™. Written by a Tour Guide with experience in guided tours across 15 countries and with contributions from experts all across the world, therea€™s no better place to start one of the best careers in the world than this book. Nick Manninga€™s a€˜How to be a tour guide: the essential training manual for tour managers and tour guidesa€™ is the ultimate reference book and training tool, as used and proved by Tour Guides across the world every day. What readers have to say: a€œNick Manning lets you know just how big the world is and how many different rules there are while taking you under his wings and navigating you through the aspects of successful tour managing and guiding. This book tells you how to become a GREAT tour manager/guide and is written in a way that will connect with youa€. a€“ Kristene Murphy a€œQuite simply the best product available to aspiring tour guides on the market today. No industry professional should be without it.a€ a€“ Industry InsiderI have a friend that literally used blogging to build his tour guide business and it took him perhaps five minutes max each day. The secret was integrating his ... find it for yourself each day). You can use it to find interesting content for your blog.

Title:How to be a Tour Guide
Author:Nick Manning
Publisher:Nick Manning - 2014-08-25


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