How to Find Out About Patents

How to Find Out About Patents

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How to Find Out About Patents presents a basic knowledge of patent matters and provides a few facts regarding patent law and procedures. This book provides a description of the literature available for finding out about patents followed by a comprehensive consideration of the techniques used to obtain any desired information from this. Organized into 15 chapters, this book starts with an overview of the procedure and the requirements of obtaining a patent wherein the inventor usually goes to a patent agent who drafts a patent specification and files this at the Patent Office. This text then explains the patent specification, which is the fundamental document of patent literature and is a statement of the nature of the invention. Other chapters consider the main value of the Patent Journal to industry, which is indispensable as a record of any week's activity at the Patent Office. The final chapter deals with the establishment of a patents department in an industrial company's organization. This book is a valuable resource for professional patent agents.BENNETT, E. M. Documentation of Search Material in the Patent Office in London , Trans, of the Chartered Institute of Patent Agents, 67, 1948a€“9. CARR ... Derwent Patents Manual, 1964. Published by ... Includes chapters on Australian, Belgian, French, German, Indian, Japanese, Netherlands, South African, British, United States, and Russian patent procedures; also chapters headed European Patent, Patent ... HADDAN, R. A Compendium of Patents and Designs Law and Practice.

Title:How to Find Out About Patents
Author:Frank Newby
Publisher:Elsevier - 2013-10-22


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