How to Get a PhD Effectively

How to Get a PhD Effectively

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This is not another typical guidebook about the methodological issues of earning a PhD. It is a bible of productivity in science. The contents include not only time-management strategies, but also a mindset that will help you earn a high-quality PhD faster. It is specifically aimed at showing you how to use the tools that most successful scientists would rather hide for themselves. The goal is to organize a PhD research project without harm to your personal life. We live in the era of knowledge and hard work is no longer the best solution. Nowadays, it is smart work that counts and provides the best results. This is why, from now on a€“ dona€™t be just a dreamer, be an achiever. Get a PhD fast and smart. From this book you will learn abouta€b *The Golden Hour Strategy This will help you to stay disciplined and speed-up your work with no additional effort. *The time-management system of milestones, actions and tasks These are very powerful organization tools that take you to the top level of productivity. *The Pareto Principle in science This is aimed at finding the 20 percent of activities that will give you 80 percent of your results. *DFR model of literature review This is a step-by-step guide devoted exclusively to simplifying and accelerating the process of literature review. *The Power of discipline A profound comprehension of this issue will help you find a source of motivation and keep up with the commitment. *PhD-life balance The methods that allow you to maintain a balance between your PhD, work, private life, health and finances.Be creative a€“ you are supposed to be earning a PhD. If you are ... Try it and watch how your work on your PhD accelerates! ... Imagine that you just bought your first computer and, unfortunately, the manual was not enclosed in the package.

Title:How to Get a PhD Effectively
Author:Joseph Helpman
Publisher:Primedia E-launch LLC -


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