How to Get Girls Or How to Stop Being Dumb with Women

How to Get Girls Or How to Stop Being Dumb with Women

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Men and their egos often sabotage relationships. From boys to grown men, lessons get lost in an erroneous reality. Tim Kelleher believes that males have been conscripted into a thought system that began in ancient times and dictates their need to be in control. However, they must discover a new method to attract love in their lives. How to Get Girls offers men a guide to transcend what was to reach what can be. This journey will show men how to accept themselves with approval and love and, in turn, find someone who will be a true partner and friend for a lifetime. Kelleher provides several examples to help men have a better understanding of why they are the way they are and how they can modify their behavior. Using his own life experiences as an example, Kelleher gives hope to men who want to be the best they can be by releasing unnecessary baggage. Light the path toward a healthy relationship and find inner peace with this indispensable guide.Anyway, the truth I am talking about is how to be true to yourself and get out of the perceived experience enough to see ... If we look at our body as a car driving down the highway of life and the car has a steering wheel and a windshield, and aanbsp;...

Title:How to Get Girls Or How to Stop Being Dumb with Women
Author:A. Mann
Publisher:iUniverse - 2008-01


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