How to Greet Strangers

How to Greet Strangers

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Archer Barron is rebuilding his life after hiding from it for years. Once he had grand expectations-graduating law school, donning drag to express his feminine aspects, and the love of a devoted boyfriend-but fate became cruel. HIV-positive cruel. And a growing involvement with an Oakland Santeria priestess who promised a cure in return for devotion and a lot of cash. His lover died. His faith and spirit almost followed. Now Archer works a crappy job as a university night watchmen and volunteers at a free clinic. The walls he's built in the years since his loss are about to come crumbling down when a former member of the Santeria family he belonged to comes seeking legal help. And then the police discover the body of the priestess. Archer's grudge makes him a prime suspect. In How To Greet Strangers, the Bay Area welcomes a new detective: he's black, he's spiritual, he's stunning. And he's in great danger.Once things were back on track, I explained what a DNC is, what it would cost, how long it would take to recover physically. a€œWill I still be able to get pregnant, after?a€ a€œIf youa#39;re asking if youa#39;ll still need to use birth control, the answer is 77 yes.

Title:How to Greet Strangers
Author:Joyce Thompson
Publisher:Lethe Press - 2013


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