How to make and use argument maps

How to make and use argument maps

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Note: the automatically generated Contents section on this web page makes no sense. Some book pages look weird in the Preview section. The word cloud below is rather misleading. The original PDF e-book is available free for non-commercial use. There is a link to the left, and another one behind the 'Buy/Get...' button. -------------- Subject: How argument mapping can make discussions better (and shorter). Why different perceptions of reality can cause disagreement, and how diagrams can make people aware of this. Target audience: Everyone interested. No special knowledge required. Estimated reading time: 20-25 minutes. Should you prefer watching over reading, have a look at this video: Page layout: Allows easy reading without scrolling, even on very small screens. License: Free for non-commercial use, Creative Commons BY-NC-SA. Commercial use requires separate agreement. Technical information: Original PDF/A file size: 685 913 Byte MD5: 3abc45069b734d7d2a60b9331d55f33b (file integrity checksum) Tags/keywords: argument maps, arguments, discussions, ideal discussions, debates, transparency, reality perception, observations vs. interpretations, argument evaluation, multi-party argument evaluation, argument evaluation diagrams(flowchart). 1. Do you consider yes the argument as true? 2. Do you consider it as relevant? no not valid no yes not important valid + not important 3. How important valid + important valid is it to you? important (default) As driver or passenger inanbsp;...

Title:How to make and use argument maps
Author:Edgar Hartel
Publisher:E. Hartel - 2013-11-09


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