How to Make Money Selling Old Books and Magazines on eBay

How to Make Money Selling Old Books and Magazines on eBay

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Therea€™s a lot of information out there about how to sell books on eBay But therea€™s nothing quite like this Ia€™m going to show you how to tear apart old books and magazines, repackage them for sale on eBay, and how you can easily turn $15.00 into $250.00. Sounds impossible, doesna€™t it? I know all of my friends and relatives thought Ia€™d lost my marbles when I told them what I do for a living. And, you can hardly blame them. Hey there. My name is Nick Vulich. Most people online know me as history-bytes. Over the last fifteen years Ia€™ve made a living tearing apart old books and magazines and reselling them on eBay. Yes! You heard that right. I remove magazine articles, prints, and advertisements from old books and magazines, and resell them to ready buyers on eBay. I know it sounds kind of nuts. But, over the last fifteen years, Ia€™ve sold over thirty thousand magazine articles alone. Ia€™ve shipped them to China, Russia, Mexico, India, Australia, just about every country in the world. Ita€™s an amazing business Think about it for a minute. I take old books and magazines that libraries and individuals are ready to throw away, tear them apart, and sell one to ten page chunks to ready buyers around the world. And, herea€™s the best part! They pay me $15.00 to $50.00 for each of them. Several have sold for over $250.00 each. How crazy is that! If youa€™ve ever considered selling books or paper collectibles on eBay, this short guide can help you better understandHow to source product how to write descriptions that sell How to price your items for maximum profit Selling vintage magazine articles, prints, and advertisements can be one of the most lucrative gigs on eBay. Herea€™s the thing. Even if this isna€™t the product for you, the ideas presented in this book can kick-start your thinking about what you can sell on eBay. Ita€™ll get you started looking at common everyday items around you and thinking, what if IPackage these items together Break it apart, and sell each piece separately Or, what if I a€b.You get the picture. People are selling just about everything imaginable on eBay. The problem is theya€™re all fighting to sell the same stuff, and as a result prices a€“ and profits, go down. If you want to make real money on eBay a€“ You need to change the rules Create an all new game, where youa€™re calling the shots Be an original, and make more money than you ever thought possible! ------------------------ Most of my books are available as audio books, so if you prefer to listen rather than read, be sure to check them out.The first two, Freaking Idiots Guide to Selling on eBay, and eBay Unleashed, are aimed more towards how to get started ... It also discusses a few other methods to make money online a€“ building an authority website, blogging, writing Kindleanbsp;...

Title:How to Make Money Selling Old Books and Magazines on eBay
Author:Nick Vulich
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